A Charitable Trust Band Programme

Supporting Youth Suffering with Anxiety and Depression

Every Tuesday 7:30pm - 9:15pm

Juniors Session 11 - 13yrs 730pm-8:15pm || Senior Session 14 - 18yrs 8:15pm - 9:15pm


Our Vision

Positive, creative, energy.


Nowadays a lot of our young people are struggling with mental health. 

"The Green Room" Charitable Trust has been created by passionate creatives who want to give youth struggling with anxiety and depression the opportunity to express through music. 

Our aim is to provide a safe environment full of creativity and enjoyment.

This will allow them to discover themselves and to make friends along the way.

Everyone is welcome to pick up a guitar, bang on a drum, sing to their hearts content, listen or observe and just make crazy music.

There is a charge of $50 per term (10 sessions) and we meet every Tuesday from 7:30pm at Eliette's Music Academy in Albany.

We are a charitable trust and scholarships are available when needed and on request.

Join us today on this exciting musical journey!


Eliette Roslin
Executive Director, Mentor

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Supporting and engaging our youth suffering with anxiety and depression. 



Connect in a warm, welcoming environment

Make Music

Join us each week as we make music together


Jam with us in weekly rehearsals


Write, collaborate and share.

Welcome to everyone

Musical or not musical - everyone is welcome!

We came together and produced a cover of Sabrina Starke's beautiful song - Next Man. For you to get a better feel for who we are and what we're about. We hope you enjoy


I have been involved with The Green Room this term and have enjoyed spending time with other people like me.

It is a really positive and safe space for young people to get involved and enjoy music, in a stress free environment. 

The leaders encouraged and supported me to try out different instruments but I didn’t feel any pressure to join in. They gave me positive encouragement and I always leave feeling good about myself. I like that when I am at The Green Room, there are no expectations on me and I can just relax and join in if I want to. I like that it is time with other people that like music too.
— Jemma

Dedicated experts and profoundly talented and passionate creatives coming together to make a powerful impact


Eliette Roslin 

Piano, Vocals, Songwriting


Brayden Jeffrey Teacher.jpg

Brayden Jeffrey

Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting


Nick Douch

Drums, Bass, Songwriting, Band Leadership


Rob Jatulan

Rob Jatulan

Vocals, Songwriting, Guitar  



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