Eliette Roslin - Piano, Vocals, Songwriting

Eliette began her music path with the Australian Girls Choir and Simply Music Piano at age 5 in Melbourne. Growing up with the Rogers & Hammerstein musicals from this young age she naturally grew into what she loved.

She began writing music from the age of 9 and at 17 was placed in the top 50 of the “Play It Strange” songwriting competition in New Zealand with her song “Believe”. 

At 15, Neil Moore the founder of Simply Music ,mentored Eliette as she began teaching. She became their first teacher for New Zealand and the youngest in the world.

After high school she studied in Amsterdam under Karin Bloemen, a Dutch singer and entertainer. Continuing her studies in Sydney at the Australian Institute of Music she was mentored by the likes of Nina Harris, Trish Delaney-Brown, Sean Coffin, Steve Henderson & Jamie Rigg. Graduating with her Bachelors of Contemporary Performance and majoring in Vocals she released her first EP “Black Kisses”. Later that year she trained in Lynn Kleiner’s “Music Rhapsody” programme for preschoolers. 

In 2016, Eliette then 22, returned to New Zealand with the dream of opening her own music academy. In 2 years, with the help of 6 young and dedicated teachers her academy has grown to over 300 pupils and continues to develop in leaps and bounds. The academy teaches Simply Music Piano, Music Rhapsody, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Voice, Songwriting and Performance. Eliette’s main focus is for her students to love music, express themselves, build confidence and have fun along the way.The academy is contemporary and has an overall playing based approach.

With great excitement in 2017 Eliette also launched the NZ Girls Choir.

NZGC aims to encourage young girls to be confident and unique, and to find joy in music and dance. They learn how to articulate their words, connect song and story, harmonise, dance and sing. The NZGC programme among other things is based on the Orff and Kodaly philosophies and has been well received by the community.

Eliette believes music is an extremely powerful tool. 

Her musical career has only just begun but in a short time she has created her own brand of teaching and her philosophies in general have hit their mark and impacted a great deal of people. 

The future looks exciting for both her Academy, the New Zealand Girls Choir and The Green Room, Rhythm of Youth Trust


Nick Douch - Drums, Bass, Songwriting, Band Leadership

Nick has been drumming for 22 years, playing in concert and jazz bands through high school before joining a rock band at the age of 16. 

For the last 6 years Nick has been the drummer in Auckland based band Ekko Park which has seen him play everywhere from clubs, arenas and festivals in NZ as well as overseas. Ekko Park has released two albums which have had both chart and radio success in NZ and Europe and a nomination at the NZ Music Awards.

Nick also performs and records with a number of other kiwi musicians.

He has a Bachelors in Media Arts, Majoring in Music and has been teaching drums through schools and privately for 2 years.  Before coming on as a full time drum teacher for Eliette’s Music Academy, Nick spent 3 years as a coordinator for YMCAs Youth Development Program, Raise Up. During this time he also studied Youth Developement.


Brayden Jeffrey - Guitars, Piano, Vocals and Songwriting 

A songwriter from a young age, Brayden has always held an earnest fascination for the creative process. After discovering the Popular Music degree at Auckland University, he moved to Auckland in 2011 where he developed his skills in composition and performance whilst honing his abilities as a guitarist, a pianist and a vocalist. 

Having written and performed for bands, theatre and television Brayden has a wide range of skills to draw from. He is an avid composer with an interest that spans the breadth of musical genres and believes there is something positive to learn from all styles and tastes. As well as guitar, piano and vocals Brayden also offers experience in composition, arrangement and audio engineering. 

Brayden believes in music tutors that are compassionate and enthusiastic about their students musical and creative development. He has strong memories of a handful of teachers that helped sculpt his passion into a viable career, and encouraged him to become the musician he is today. It’s these memories that have lead Brayden into teaching music himself, where he hopes he can provide for his students, the same level of enthusiasm, personal challenge and musical freedom that was available to him growing up. 

Rob Jatulan

Rob Jatulan - Vocals, Songwriting, Guitars, Occupational Therapist 

Rob currently works as an occupational therapist for the Auckland District Health Board. He has been working in the Mental Health Sector for the past 4 years. He's a passionate singer/ songwriter, playing as the frontman for the Auckland based band "The Rubics" and "The Free Wind" duo. 

One of his goals is to be able to incorporate his passion for music into his profession as an occupational therapist, therefore he says he's excited to be apart of the Green Room Project. 

Rob has completed his Bachelor of Health Science in Occupational Therapy and is currently completing his Post Grad in Recovery and Mental Health Concepts.